Comondu Culture

pitahaya comondu

Typical dress – The pitahaya flower dress and “la cuera” are the main typical dresses.

black coral comondu

Crafts – Palm fabric; shell craft, black coral and tortoiseshell are mainly worked. There are also works in leather to make saddles, bags, belts and shoes as well as works made of feathers and ostrich shells. Wood is carved and stained glasses are worked too.

Langosta comondu

Gastronomy & Food – Fish is one of the main dishes of the region. Staple fish meals are based on lobster, manta ray and marlin “machaca”, shellfish and fish meatballs. Goats Milk “Cabritos”, meat turnovers, typical Mexican food (pozole, menudo, barbacoa, antojitos, etc.) and the regional cheese are also part of the main diet in Comondu.

guayabate comondu

Sweets – Milk desserts, guayabate, syrup sweets and piloncillo are typical of this region.

champurrado comondu

Drinks – Champurrado, grain coffee, grape wine, damiana liquor and date brandy.

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