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Comondu | San Luis Gonzaga

San Luis Gonzaga The San Luis Gonzaga community is located 53 kilometers to the southeast of Constitucion City, in Santo Domingo valley amid the most barren desert and it was the first settlement site of the mission of the same name. To get to San Luis Gonzaga, you should turn off at the 194km junction […]


Comondu | San Jose & San Miguel

San Jose & San Miguel Comondu Is approximately 16 kilometers long and about 800 meters width, these areas seem to be trapped in a time capsule, staged between the attractive beauty of its gardens and its many orchards. They are located just 3KM in distance from one another and you will be able to walk […]


Comondu | Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay Magdalena Bay is a massive 114 600-hectar bay. It has an average depth of 33 meters and it is connected to the sea through a wide estuary. It is a region of great commercial importance, mainly for their residents who are mostly fishermen who focus on local catches of shrimps, lobsters, abalone, clams, […]


Comondu Tourism

The main area of Adolfo L√≥pez Mateos Port is the most important tourist destination due to yearly visitors of both national and foreign origin that converges to observe the behavior of the gray whale on special day trips & tours in Comondu. The beaches and the easily navigable waterways of the Pacific coast allow practicing […]


Comondu Education

The Comondu municipality has an excellent educational infrastructure so that the elementary education level (initial, kindergarten and primary), secondary, pre-university and the technical education are guaranteed to all residents and citizens. Furthermore, the municipality has a higher education technological institute for agricultural studies. It counts on CONAFE services in community course matters and of the […]