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Welcome to Comondu Mexico!

comondu mexico

Comondu is a municipality of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. It has a population of approximately 74,000 inhabitants. This beautiful region is formed by old populations of missionary origin and it constitutes an oasis in the desert where small places of great natural and cultural richness arise. With a land area of 16,858.3 km² (6,509.03 sq mi), it is the seventh-largest municipality in area in Mexico. The municipal seat is located in Ciudad Constitucion. Rocas Alijos, a group of tiny rocks that are 300 km west off the coast, are part of the municipality. Comondu is just one of over 60 official online guides covering the whole of Mexico. If you´re planning a trip to Mexico and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting or, if you´d like to visit a specific place in Mexico, then you’ve come to the right place. It is a very favorable area for alternative tourism. Comondu is one of Mexico´s most popular places, visited by millions of people over the last decade. When you travel to Comondu you may wish to check out the Comondu hotels we have available or maybe you´d like to rent a car in Comondu? We also offer extensive day trips in Comondu. This unique place has simply amazing. We´ve also compiled a list of Travel books on Comondu Mexico. Constitución, San Carlos, San Luis Gonzaga, San Miguel de Comondu, San Juanico, San Isidro, San Carlos, Adolfo López Mateos and Insurgente City are locations where you will be able to enjoy health tourism and nature tourism.

Whether you are visiting Comondu in Mexico for business, pleasure or both, we´re sure that Comondu will meet all of your expectations and that the people of Comondu will make you feel welcome while sampling some of the unique cuisine on offer in the Comondu Restaurant districts.

Comondu Culture

pitahaya comondu

Typical dress – The pitahaya flower dress and “la cuera” are the main typical dresses.

black coral comondu

Crafts – Palm fabric; shell craft, black coral and tortoiseshell are mainly worked. There are also works in leather to make saddles, bags, belts and shoes as well as works made of feathers and ostrich shells. Wood is carved and stained glasses are worked too.

Langosta comondu

Gastronomy & Food – Fish is one of the main dishes of the region. Staple fish meals are based on lobster, manta ray and marlin “machaca”, shellfish and fish meatballs. Goats Milk “Cabritos”, meat turnovers, typical Mexican food (pozole, menudo, barbacoa, antojitos, etc.) and the regional cheese are also part of the main diet in Comondu.

guayabate comondu

Sweets – Milk desserts, guayabate, syrup sweets and piloncillo are typical of this region.

champurrado comondu

Drinks – Champurrado, grain coffee, grape wine, damiana liquor and date brandy.

Comondu History

mexico comondu

This whole south California region was occupied by two ethnic groups: The Cochimís and The Guaycuras The first group were located in the north area of the municipality while the second faction settled in the bordering San Luis Gonzaga – Magdalena and along the coast of the Gulf of California, from Loreto to La Paz. These natives didn’t cultivate and they lacked knowledge if we compare them to natives of other territories in Mexico. Therefore, their daily activities consisted of; fishing, hunting and gathering fruits and seeds. Just some archaeological sites, paintings and petroglyphs remain from these cultures.

First contact with the colonists and the natives was in 1685. However, the colonization plan began in 1697 and it is considered that the Jesuits Juan Ugarte, Nicolás Tamaral, Julián de Mayorga Francisco, Javier Wagner, Lamberto Hostell and Juan Jacobo Baegert were the ones who began the agricultural cultivation in what today is the Comondu municipality, they were the first ones that crossed the barren lands to establish small thriving communities.

The Jesuits were also in this region up to 1810, the year when they were granted there leaving. Then a series of uprisings, invasions and dictatorships began until the Mexican revolution of 1910.

Comondu municipality was recognized as municipality seat of San José de Comondu and San Miguel de Comondu communities after promulgating the Constitution in 1917.

The establishment of three municipalities including Comondu, whose municipality seat would be Constitucion City, after many years of suppressing the constitutional bases and of restoring reformations finally took place in 1972, settling the first “comundeño” city council bylaws and general local constitution of residents.

Comondu Flora

dragonfruit comondu

In the Comondu territory, two types of vegetation prevail: crasicaule bushes with species like: teasels, nopaleras, viznagas, chollas, Adam´s tree, dragonfruit, creosote bush and garambullo and the low deciduous forest trees of not more of 15 meters in height and species like: lomboy, elephant tree, hackberry etc.

Comondu Climate

Comondu Sunrise

Comondu’s main climate, which prevails in this region, is divided into two subgroups and it unites the dry and arid areas. It is defined as a very dry semi warm climate in the territory of Llanos de Magdalena and the Pacific coast with annual average temperatures going from a 34° C maximum to a 8° C minimum. Eastwards in the region of Sacred Domingo valley, warm and very dry weather is predominant. The winds blow from the northwest – southeast.