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Constitucion City Baja California

Constitucion City

Constitucion is the capital City of the municipality of Comondu, it is located on the trans-peninsular highway, 147 kilometers to the southwest of Loreto and 211 to the north of La Paz.

All areas of Constitucion city offer a great range of services for the visitors or people passing by as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, banks, self-service stores, travel agencies, bus terminal, trailer parks, as well as amusement centers.

On the outskirts of the city, there are a series of ranches like Santa Fe where you will see a livestock breeding and a special ranch that concentrates on the national production of ostrich meat for export.

Baja California Constitucion City

The largest company in Comondu is located here, which produces and exports many varieties of tomato such us: grape, ball and in cluster tomatoes, they are all exported to the United States and Canada.