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Comondu History

This whole south California region was occupied by two ethnic groups: The Cochim√≠s and The Guaycuras The first group were located in the north area of the municipality while the second faction settled in the bordering San Luis Gonzaga – Magdalena and along the coast of the Gulf of California, from Loreto to La Paz. […]


Comondu | Constitucion City

Constitucion City Constitucion is the capital City of the municipality of Comondu, it is located on the trans-peninsular highway, 147 kilometers to the southwest of Loreto and 211 to the north of La Paz. All areas of¬†Constitucion city offer a great range of services for the visitors or people passing by as hotels, restaurants, gas […]


Comondu | San Luis Gonzaga

San Luis Gonzaga The San Luis Gonzaga community is located 53 kilometers to the southeast of Constitucion City, in Santo Domingo valley amid the most barren desert and it was the first settlement site of the mission of the same name. To get to San Luis Gonzaga, you should turn off at the 194km junction […]