Comondu | La Purisima & San Isidro

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La Purisima & San Isidro

These peaceful towns are surrounded by mountains and located inside the north area of Comondu municipality were the missions number 18, all founded by the conquerors. This place surrounded by small mountains, is famous for El Pilon hill with its conical shape and location amid a creek. If you want to do mountain tourism or hiking, this place is a real challenge for the mountaineers due to its 400-meter uneven peaks.

But, if you prefer beautiful and quiet places like La Poza del Candil y la Presa are ideal places to hike, admiring the regional flora. Access is by crossing the paved highway to Constitucion City-San Isidro. La Purisima is located 145 Km from Constitucion City and 150 Km from San Isidro.

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All these towns offer as a local delicacy their excellent goat cheese, canned fruits and dates of exceptional. The local manufacturing techniques have inherited from their ancestors and they produce different articles namely: mounts, cueras, gaiters, lassoes, and the famous “teguas” original and comfortable boot type shoes.

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