History of La Purisima

La Purisima Baja California history

La Purisima

The of La Purisima was founded by father Nicolas Tamale in 1717 when establishing The Mission of “La Purisima Concpcion de Maria Cadegomo”. 1735 it had been moved to a new location at the Cochimí ranchería known as Cadegomó, meaning “arroyo of the carrizos”, about 30 kilometers south of the original site. The mission was abandoned in 1822. In the early twentieth century, the church was still in use, but by the start of the following century only a few traces of structures remained.

La Purisima in Baja California

La Purisima has beautiful and quiet places, favorable for resting and where you can go swimming and even fishing carps. The water springs surrounding this area are; La Poza del Cantil and La Presa and are ideal to camp and to go on excursions.