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The Comondu region is rich in historical architectural monuments. You will be able to enjoy them in the north area of Comondu municipality. You will be able to visit and to enjoy the history in the religious missions that still remain well preserved such us:

mission San Jose de Comondu

San Jose de Comondu (also top photo)

In 1827, the mission was abandoned and at the beginning of the present century an important part of the church was demolished to build a school. At present, one of the authentic buildings areas can still be seen and which remains open to worship. The big blocks of the ruined walls surrounding it give an idea of the magnitude of the original building. 3 bells are preserved dated at 1697, 1708 and 1741 and several old houses which are considered national historical monuments.

mission San Luis Gonzaga comondu

San Luis Gonzaga.

This town shows evidences of a prosperous past, although the buildings of the mission were partially destroyed by the treasure raiders. It is located in San Luis Gonzaga town; this beautiful and historical place gives us a clear vision of the way of live of the former Californians in absolute harmony with their natural environment.

You can also visit important monuments located in the area of Magdalena Bay such as:

Cortés Port naval base comondu

Cortés Port naval base

horchilleros comondu

Remains of the horchilleros settlement.

Unfortunately, not even the ruins of la Pura Concepción mission remain, it was built of adobe clay.

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