Comondu | San Jose & San Miguel

San Miguel Comondu

San Jose & San Miguel Comondu

Is approximately 16 kilometers long and about 800 meters width, these areas seem to be trapped in a time capsule, staged between the attractive beauty of its gardens and its many orchards. They are located just 3KM in distance from one another and you will be able to walk enjoying the shadows of the high palms and cliffs along the way.

San Jose comondu

Both locations have special places for ecotourism, adventure tourism and rural tourism. You will also be able to acquire beautiful art craft elaborated by artisan inhabitants of the area who make; baskets, bags, hats of date palm leaves, impressive stone and wooden carved figures of the region, using rustic instruments and the wonderful creativity of their makers.

Comondu | Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay Comondu

Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay is a massive 114 600-hectar bay. It has an average depth of 33 meters and it is connected to the sea through a wide estuary. It is a region of great commercial importance, mainly for their residents who are mostly fishermen who focus on local catches of shrimps, lobsters, abalone, clams, sole; snails, dusky groupers and snappers, all captured in these waters.

Dolphins Baja Mexico

At the same time, Magdalena Bay has become a resting, refuge, mating and breeding ground site of marine species and migratory birds, as the gray whale, turtles, dolphins, sea lion, herons, gulls and fishing eagles.

Comondu Tourism

comondu coastline

The main area of Adolfo López Mateos Port is the most important tourist destination due to yearly visitors of both national and foreign origin that converges to observe the behavior of the gray whale on special day trips & tours in Comondu.

gray whale tours mexico

The beaches and the easily navigable waterways of the Pacific coast allow practicing sport fishing and different aquatic sports. You will be able to enjoy the beauties of the area of the municipality and of the historical sites of, San José de Comondú, La Purísima, San Juanico, San Isidro and San Luis Gonzaga.

Comondu Education

Comondu Education

The Comondu municipality has an excellent educational infrastructure so that the elementary education level (initial, kindergarten and primary), secondary, pre-university and the technical education are guaranteed to all residents and citizens.

comondu mexico schools

Furthermore, the municipality has a higher education technological institute for agricultural studies. It counts on CONAFE services in community course matters and of the National Institute of Adult Education for the basic levels.

Comondu | La Purisima & San Isidro

La Purisima baja california

La Purisima & San Isidro

These peaceful towns are surrounded by mountains and located inside the north area of Comondu municipality were the missions number 18, all founded by the conquerors. This place surrounded by small mountains, is famous for El Pilon hill with its conical shape and location amid a creek. If you want to do mountain tourism or hiking, this place is a real challenge for the mountaineers due to its 400-meter uneven peaks.

But, if you prefer beautiful and quiet places like La Poza del Candil y la Presa are ideal places to hike, admiring the regional flora. Access is by crossing the paved highway to Constitucion City-San Isidro. La Purisima is located 145 Km from Constitucion City and 150 Km from San Isidro.

San isidro baja california comondu

All these towns offer as a local delicacy their excellent goat cheese, canned fruits and dates of exceptional. The local manufacturing techniques have inherited from their ancestors and they produce different articles namely: mounts, cueras, gaiters, lassoes, and the famous “teguas” original and comfortable boot type shoes.

Comondu | San Carlos Port

Comondu Cruise port

San Carlos Port offers magnificent natural scenery along with its temperate climate during the months of December, January, February and March with temperatures that oscillate between the 8 and 22 degrees centigrade. This beautiful Port is a “must visit place” for tourists. Margarita and Magdalena islands offer idyllic dunes of fine sand from which you can view the interior area of Magdalena and Santa María bay and the coming and going of ships and cruises in the port.

Comondu Ecological tourism

For the nautical sports and ecological tourism lovers, you can enjoy eco-tourism and adventurous activities such as kayak, diving, snorkeling and camping, which are very popular in this area. Sport fishing is excellent throughout the whole year, main catches being marlin, Dorado, billfish and tuna.

On the other hand, Nature lovers can enjoy the sighting of resident and migratory birds in a wonderful show when visiting Patos Island that is in the middle of the lagoon. It complements its beauty with swamps and mangroves ready to explore.

This port offers a great variety of services for tourists like: 11 restaurants, 5 hotels in Comondu: Alcatraz, Brennan, Palmar, Brisas and Cabo Mar (120 rooms in total), 3 tour companies offer guided journeys to the sighting areas of the gray whale, a gas station, taxi agencies, electrical power and telephone service, different supermarkets, shoe stores, miscellaneous goods stores, souvenir shops, art craft store, etc. San Carlos Port also rips uo the night scene with 3 amazing discos and various pubs.

Comondu Natural Resources

comondu mexico farm

Constant measures are applied in Comondu for the reorientation of the cultivations due to the lack of water and to the physical-geographical conditions. Some of these measures are; limiting the agricultural frontier, efficient water and electrical power use and modernization of the productive plants; in addition to look for the appropriate technology for Nature that favors the sustainable development.

Big game fishing comondu mexico

Permitted Fishing includes 650 commercial species. This region is extremely popular for big game fishing.

La Purisima mine comondu

The mining activity is carried out mainly in Santo Domingo, La Purisima and San Juanico areas and 19 concessions have been authorized by the Council of Mineral Resources of the territory to private companies.

Museums Monuments & Places to See

mexico comondu churches

The Comondu region is rich in historical architectural monuments. You will be able to enjoy them in the north area of Comondu municipality. You will be able to visit and to enjoy the history in the religious missions that still remain well preserved such us:

mission San Jose de Comondu

San Jose de Comondu (also top photo)

In 1827, the mission was abandoned and at the beginning of the present century an important part of the church was demolished to build a school. At present, one of the authentic buildings areas can still be seen and which remains open to worship. The big blocks of the ruined walls surrounding it give an idea of the magnitude of the original building. 3 bells are preserved dated at 1697, 1708 and 1741 and several old houses which are considered national historical monuments.

mission San Luis Gonzaga comondu

San Luis Gonzaga.

This town shows evidences of a prosperous past, although the buildings of the mission were partially destroyed by the treasure raiders. It is located in San Luis Gonzaga town; this beautiful and historical place gives us a clear vision of the way of live of the former Californians in absolute harmony with their natural environment.

You can also visit important monuments located in the area of Magdalena Bay such as:

Cortés Port naval base comondu

Cortés Port naval base

horchilleros comondu

Remains of the horchilleros settlement.

Unfortunately, not even the ruins of la Pura Concepción mission remain, it was built of adobe clay.

Comondu Health

comondu health services

The whole Comondu population in the municipality has both private and public services in the health sector and the following infrastructure: 1 General hospital, 1 Urban Center of Health and 2 Clinics-Hospital. They also have 15 basic medical Centers for Rural residents Health, 21 Small Health Clinics and even 2 mobile units to cover extremely remote areas.

mexican red cross

Other Auxiliary Medical Services to which you will be able to have access are: Mexican Red Cross, DIF Municipal and several medical Clinics from the private sector.

History of La Purisima

La Purisima Baja California history

La Purisima

The of La Purisima was founded by father Nicolas Tamale in 1717 when establishing The Mission of “La Purisima Concpcion de Maria Cadegomo”. 1735 it had been moved to a new location at the Cochimí ranchería known as Cadegomó, meaning “arroyo of the carrizos”, about 30 kilometers south of the original site. The mission was abandoned in 1822. In the early twentieth century, the church was still in use, but by the start of the following century only a few traces of structures remained.

La Purisima in Baja California

La Purisima has beautiful and quiet places, favorable for resting and where you can go swimming and even fishing carps. The water springs surrounding this area are; La Poza del Cantil and La Presa and are ideal to camp and to go on excursions.